Watch this clip to see what doctors are saying about Shakeology. I love this stuff and my son & I have it everyday for breakfast. After watching this video, I am even more convinced of its amazing-ness!!

There is one quality that one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to achieve it

Napoleon Hill

I am passionate about being a Beachbody coach. Coaching allows me to help others improve their lives. Coaching has also helped me see that I can reach my dreams no matter how big they are! This video gives you a glimpse of coaching! If you would like more info on coaching or would like to know how to get involved, you can contact me at ENJOY!

Who Am I?

Like everyone else, I am a lot of things. Here are just a few!

I am the wife of a police officer/ SWAT team member. I am proud of the job my husband does & support him 100%.

I am a mother! I have an amazing 22 month old son, who keeps me running all day everyday.

I am a daughter. The only child of a single mother. Spoiled? Maybe…

I am a stay-at-home mom with 2 “jobs” that I do from home. I am a Beachbody coach & this is truly my passion. I also do medical coding/billing. I enjoy both.

I am a former Dr. Pepper addict.

I am an avid reader. I always have multiple books going at all times.

I am a bodybugg wearer & I’m obsessed with watching the numbers go up! If you don’t know what a bodybugg is check out

I am allergic to A LOT OF THINGS. My allergies are out of control year round, not just in spring & summer.

I am a lover of flip flops, but prefer going barefoot.

I am not a fan of sweating, unless it’s during a workout. Then I know I’m sweating for a cause!

I am a daily Shakeology drinker and with out it I would be tired & unstable!!

I prefer helping others with their problems/issues, so I don’t have to focus on my own.

I am a sorority sister, a college graduate, and a sunglasses wearer.

I am a lover of peanut butter, sweet potatoes, & air conditioning.

I am a better passenger than driver.

I am a Facebook & Twitter user! Look me up! or

I am good at shopping, but hate doing laundry.

I am a decent cook, but bad baker.

I am a addicted to my dvr, but never get to watch the shows I’ve recorded.

I am a planner and organizer, by nature. I’ve been making lists since I was a kid. However, I’m just learning how to use my lists to accomplish more. You can’t just have a list, you have to take action on it!

I am learning more everyday & I hope I never stop learning. I am definitely a student of life!

These are just a few things about me! Now tell me about you!

One Day At A Time

You are given one body and one life. This blog is about how I am making the most of my life & how you can make the most of yours. I'm on a journey to create the best life possible for my family and myself! Join us!



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